Amara Aquilla ~ Magma
My name is Amara Aquilla, of Nova Roma. I go by Magma.
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The New Mutants #29 by Chris Claremont, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Glynis Oliver

The first appearance of Guido Carosella.

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Magmara must be somehow nostalgic of Nova Roma


"Of course you won’t, though you seem to mistake in spite of as a decent counter argument. It does not deny my influence on you, child, and in fact illustrates my point. I made you.

The smile on Selene’s lips is easily malevolent, sickly amused - As if she relished in the idea that she was right and in the irony it all created. She probably was, in fact, though relishing over such petty things could only be a vastly ephemeral and unsatisfying distraction. This did not make her smile fade, however, and merely decreased the twisted glee within her eyes. “You can still see it. You have it in you. I would almost be proud.” Her voice was mocking, then, probing and challenging her granddaughter. 


"You are mistaken. You didn’t make me. My mother made me. My father made me. My friends made me in ways you can’t imagine. If it weren’t for them, I would have killed you long ago.” 

She would forever reject what influence Selene wanted to have on her life. They may be kin, she had no sense of kinship with the malevolent woman. “I will never make you proud, grandmother. Never. I will fight you with my dying breath. Fight what you tried to make me become.” 

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healingtheassassins asked: "Smooch!" [on the cheek or hand]



Send “Smooch!” for a reaction to my muse suddenly being kissed by yours.

"Anyone told you that you can be a sweetheart, Elixir?" 

"That happens when a bus full of your friends blows up in front of you."

She sighed. She had been crucified, had a man she loved dissolve in the heart of a volcano in front of her, been mind-controlled, turned into a part of a moss monster, failed to hold a planet together, had her emotions and mind toyed with countless times. If she let it drag her down,  she’d never get out of bed ever again, or she would breakdown and destroy half of Latin America with volcanoes again. “Josh… I know it’s hard, but there is good along the bad.” 

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"Probably won’t work."

"You won’t know until you try." 

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Not another patron | open | x-college years au


Tabby snorted, nodding at her. “Yeah, probably not. Not sure I want to see him in a big store.” As funny as it would be…

"Do you think he would leave his swords at home?" 

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"Given the people we know? I’m not betting against you on that one."

"I wouldn’t bet against me either. I’d be curious to see who’d ask for membership first." 

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"Bringing everyone else down."

"That’s harsh." 

+ magmara



"I dunno. I mean, is there anyone as cool an’ open-minded as us?"

"Not sure. We won’t know until we ask around." 

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